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Our company offers customers the highest standard of furniture upholstery, furniture repair and customized furniture production, which are available to customers around the world.

Upholstered is our passion , which we put into practice by developing the company.

Our goal is to work on creating original furniture in line with current trends. Products are created on the basis of the latest technologies and using the highest quality materials. We have a diverse range of upholstery fabrics of various colors, textures from domestic and foreign manufacturers. A wide assortment of upholstered models ranging from classic, simple, modern to fully multimedia allows any combination and construction of any shape to suit the function of the room and the needs of the customer. Excellent workmanship, attractive price, high quality and, above all, also the manual work of the best professionals guarantees full satisfaction of users of our products.

The advantage of the company is having its own road transport in Poland and throughout Europe. Each customer, depending on his needs, we treat individually by tailor-made solutions. Thanks to this, our Partners can be sure of the tasks entrusted to us, which we always carry out on time. Transport is all about trust, partnership and safety.

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John Wijnen


Edyta Piotrowska

Executive director

Edyta Pajdo

Paulina Kopycka

Agnieszka Omiotek

Izabela Sobera

Marcin Pałys

Marcin Buciuto

Kamil Kupis